Who We Are

Since ages ReadRituraj is delivering potential education to students by providing them an organized and smart platform from where they can learn and get focused on the direction upon which they want to walk on in order to pursue their career.

A good online platform means taking the advantages of self-education from ReadRituraj because we are the leading online platform in the online learning sector that covers various types personality driven courses. The time is rough as we all are fighting with covid-19, but even though the schools are not open, students shall not get disappointed because there are many ways of learning and one of them is learning online platforms.

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Our Education

Starting from educating students about soft and Communication skills to making them ready for cracking interviews at big companies, we are bound to provide online courses at an affordable cost. Also, our education profiles covers all courses from scratch up to advance that is required to make a student capable to get a good job.

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Our Story

Readrituraj is serving as an online platform since years and can proudly say that there are many students who has been completed their courses and is doing a successful job. Get started with us today via email and with our courses, get yourself on a path of success.

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